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Bergen Lights 2022

Explore light art in Bergen's urban space - 
welcome to four days of lighting experiences at USF Verftet.

In 2022, we will move closer to the water and towards the end of the dark season in March, and invite you to a social and magical outdoor light journey along water with unique and intimate light installations.

We have ventured from Bergenhus where we were during Bergen Lights 2021, to USF Georgernes Verft, an area the festival explores for the first time. This area is in rapid development, and a large-scale expansion of the cultural arena USF is underway.

The festival is free - and you can pre-register at ticketco .
And do you want to volunteer ? Sign up here!

Welcome to Bergen Lights 2022!

Program 2022

Bergen Lights is a festival that expands the cultural offer in Bergen. A festival that uses light, art and creativity to fill the streets and urban space with experiences in the time when the evenings are still dark. In 2022, the festival will take place at USF Georgernes Verft, an area we are exploring for the first time. This area is in rapid development, and a large-scale expansion of the cultural arena USF's premises is underway. We are arranging this year in week 12, 24.-27. March. Spring is just around the corner and the nights are getting shorter, so the opening hours this year are 20: 00-01: 00, and 20: 00–23: 00 on Sunday. Welcome to Bergen Lights 2022!


Kulturaksen (2022)

Location: From DNS, towards Lille Lungegårdsvann and USF

Thurs – Sat
: 20: 00-01: 00, Sun: 20: 00-23: 00

As the bustling cultural city Bergen is, the city center and the surrounding districts have increasingly been given their own cultural centers and arenas for cultural activities. The term "Cultural Axis" has been used to describe a kind of main axis for where the major cultural institutions are located in the center of Bergen.


Based on the National Stage and the line south / north from there, we find the Faculty of Art, Music and Design in the south, the Museums with Kode and Bergen Kunsthall, the newly started Kulturhuset in Bergen, DNS, Carte Blanche and USF in the North. Sentralbadet Scenekunsthus is under development and will hopefully be completed in a few years. USF's expansion into Kjødehallen is also a new arena that will enrich Bergen city center's enormous cultural offerings in the future. Several other important cultural institutions are also spreading to other parts of the city.

As a tribute to the entire cultural life in Bergen, Bergen Lights installs this year's large visible works to make visible in 1: 1 where such cultural axes go. Two powerful laser beams shoot in different directions based on the National Scene; -the modern starting point for culture in Bergen, and texts from Erlend Nødtvedt's "Bergens beskrivelse" will meet you when you have followed the laser beam down to USF Verftet and arrive at the festival's main area in 2022, the south side of the outdoor area behind USF.

Til program (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Connect (2021)

Artist: Erik Ferguson

Location: Around USF 

Thurs – Sat : 20: 00-01: 00, Sun: 20: 00-23: 00

Animator and CG artist Erik Ferguson with a series of short animations that explore the human being, the individual and the relationship between us. The collection "Connect" is a result of Ferguson's explorations of high-tech methods of design, in a format highlighted by the NFT, which has ravaged the art and financial world since 2020.

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique data device stored on a kind of digital account book, which, among other things. has fulfilled a long-awaited desire to be able to sell digital art. A lot of controversy is associated with this new phenomenon, and one may wonder where the line between art and finance goes.

Bergen Lights wants to highlight the art in Ferguson's work, and put his usual tactile and organic style into site-adapted installations in our festival area, free of charge for our guests.

To Bergen Lights 2022, Erik Ferguson presents 3 works, in his usual tactile and organic style.


Corals (2022)

Artist: Patrícia Šichmanová

Location: USF Shipyard, in the bay

Thurs – Sat : 20: 00-01: 00, Sun: 20: 00-23: 00

Anchored underwater in the sailing bay behind USF, 3 sculptures shine through the kelp on the seabed.

Glass artist Patrícia Šichmanová is a young and forward-thinking artist, inspired by the shapes and contrasts of the Norwegian landscape. She captures these impressions with materials with contrasting possibilities, and explores them further through form, colors and texture to recreate the inviting and raw Norwegian landscapes and the etheric and intricate forms of light.

The three glass corals that light up in glass below the sea surface during Bergen Lights remind us of nature's vitality and fragility in meeting with us humans.

Patrícia Sichmanová is a Bergen-based artist who grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia, where she completed a Master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2017. She works with glass and metal, and the Nordic nature with its landscapes and natural phenomena has strongly influenced her work.


Invisible Visible (2017)

Artist: Randiane Sandboe

Location: USF Verftet, in the container

Thurs – Sat : 20: 00-01: 00, Sun: 20: 00-23: 00

"Invisible Visible" is created as an invitation into the dark. Visual artist and lighting designer Randiane Sandboe has wanted to bring the starry sky back to the city, to remind that the numerous stars still exist if we turn off the bright city lighting.

The enclosed installation is in a light-tight container, and Sandboe encourages the audience to enter the container, stand there for a few minutes so that the vision gets used to the darkness, and experience a rare, dark and wonderful universe.

Randiane Sandboe (1994) is a lighting designer and visual artist based in Bergen. Sandboe is interested in both stage lighting, architectural lighting and light art that affect her work. She has a bachelor's degree in room design from the University of Bergen (2019) and is currently taking a part-time master's degree in light design at Wismar University College, Germany.


Monad (2021)

Artist: Anastasia Isachsen

Location: The water behind USF


Thurs – Sat : 20: 00-01: 00, Sun: 20: 00-23: 00

National light festivals are growing in numbers and size. Anastasia Isachsen is involved in several of these. Her production company Fjord Studio is behind Fjord Oslo, Norway's largest light festival which is held in November every year for the third year in 2021, and Fjord Geiranger which went off the rails for the second time in March this year.

Bergen Lights wants to strengthen the national network of innovative initiatives within our genre and has therefore invited Anastasia to Bergen to showcase her latest work "Monad", a fantastic video projection on a water wall accompanied by music by Arve Henriksen.


Griddet (2022)

Artist: Bergen Lights

Location: The car park, USF Yard


Thurs – Sat: 20: 00-01: 00, Sun: 20: 00-23: 00

One of the ambitions of Bergen Lights is to build a bridge between art and creative designs of light in the public eye. We therefore work with a group of local suppliers and installers of public lighting. These partners also arrange the seminar "Lyskonferansen i Bergen" the day before the event opens to the public. One of these contributors CP Norway has contributed to the program in 2022 with 80 special lamps from its range,and Bergen Lights has with our creative and technical capacity built a larger installation that can be witnessed throughout the festival weekend in the parking lot behind USF.


Possible Nature /

Reindeer Moby (2021)

Artist: Shok Han Liu (Alice)

Location: Find it walking around in the area


Thurs – Sun 20: 30–21: 30


Reindeer Moby is an ongoing animation project started in December 2021. It aims to awaken people to think anew about the relationship between human society and nature -  a reindeer flashmob wandering around the world. The installation will move around the area between 20.30-21.30 every day.  


About the artist:
Shok Han Liu (Alice) is an artist born and educated in Hong Kong where she worked as a graphic designer, animator, video producer and art director.
After living in Northern Europe for years, it is naturally enough landscape and nature that dominate her artwork. In her art, she explores the relationship between man and nature through digital drawing and animation.


Image from iOS.jpg

Tegninger  (2022)

Artist: Thomas Bruvik

Venue: Kjødehallen seafront
Thurs – Sat: 20: 00-01: 00, Sun: 20: 00-23: 00


Drawings spring from a thought of a landscape on a landscape. The guide strips that make up the work become an abstract landscape painting that interacts with the surrounding area, highlights lines and plays with shapes.

Anker 1

Tegninger  (2022)

Artist: Torbjørn Sandnes

Venue: Kjødehallen south side
Thurs – Sat: 20: 00-01: 00, Sun: 20: 00-23: 00

Torbjørn Sandnes is a Norwegian lighting designer and multimedia artist, who runs his own newly started lighting festival in Tromsø. As part of our networking between festivals, we have long talked about the exchange of artistic content. We were lucky when Sandnes would line up, at short notice, to project at Kjødeveggshallen. His work can be seen on the south side of Kjødehallen.


The light conference in Bergen

Location: USF Shipyard

23.03.22 12: 00–19: 00

The light conference is back!

The day before the start of the festival, the lighting seminar begins, which we collaborate with actors within the lighting environment in Bergen.  


Thomas Hocking, Thomas Bruvik, Lillian Santos Herberg and Birk Nygaard. 

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