Bergen Lights is a light festival with the goal of becoming a national and international gathering point for light. We want to show light as a force of influence on people's lives, where art, design and the science of light will be represented. Our unique surroundings in Bergen between the mountains, the city's distinctive characted, the local environment and all of the characteristics of the typical inhabitant of Bergen, makes the city very suitable for a light festival. We want to reach out internationally by inviting international light artists to Bergen Lights, and to present local artists for an international audience. Bergen Lights will give the audience a new way of using the city at a time of year that is not typically related to outdoor activities, and we want to open for the possibilities of using the city in a new way. 

Light festivals are a phenomenon around the World, in places varying from small villages to large metropolises. The format has shown to be a very popular and suitable way of promoting activities in the streets at a time of year when things are mostly quiet. In the darkness of winter, the cities are filled with activity. 

Bergen Lights 2020 was the start of what we want to become a festival every year in January. The first year we presented the Light Conference, art related to the surroundings of the city and to different show rooms, as well as activities for children and families. We have uncovered a multitude of opportunities for future festivals and will work toward making Bergen Lights an annual festival. 

We would like to give thanks for all the support that we have received in developing the festival thus far and we o hope that we can continue to work for future festivals. 

The festival is initiated by Bergen Sentrum AS with start up funding from Bergen kommune, Vestland Fylkeskommune, the Grieg Foundation, Sparebanken Vest and Salgs- og reklameforeningen.

Thank you to our sponsors: Fløyen AS, Kulturoperatørene, AirFrance/KLM, Hotel Norge by Scandic, Scandic, MK Illumination, b:Kolon and Flex Reklame AS.

Thank you to our collaborators: Visit Bergen, Bergen Næringsråd, KODE, Asplan Viak, CP Norway, Statsraad Lehmkuhl, Grand Selskapslokaler og De Bergenske, ANTI Bergen og Bright. 

Thank you to all important contributors at Bergen kommune: Bergen 950 år, Bergen Havn, Bergen Brannvesen and Bymiljøetaten.

And a big thank you to everyone who participated in the program directly, with their time and resources: The regions kayak clubs, Kystkultursenteret, the theatres at Ole Bulls plass, Kunstpilotene, Galleri Entrée, Bergen Brandhistoriske forening, HansaBorg bryggerier, Bien Bar, Bryggens Museum, USF and Østre. 

Birk Nygaard

Creative director Bergen Lights

Light artist, designer and more

974 81 748

Marianne Rønning

Project manager Bergen Lights

414 18 983


Øyvind Storheim, CEO Kulturoperatørene AS

Initiator and owner of Bergen Lights

Steinar Kristoffersen, CEO Bergen Sentrum AS


Bergen Lights 2020

Photos from Bergen Lights 2020


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