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Friday 22 to Sunday 24 January, Bergen Lights invites you to a lighting experience at Bergenhus Fortress.

Even though we are in an uncertain pandemic situation, we want to provide a lighting experience in a safe outdoor environment


Friday, January 22 at 4:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Saturday, January 23 at 4:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Sunday, January 24 at 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Infection control

In order to ensure good infection control, everyone must register in advance. It's free to join. The link for ordering will be posted shortly.

Remember to comply with the 1 meter rule and bring a face mask:)

Link for registration

Well met!



"Metric unit" by Pekka Stokke

Video projections by Ana Jorge Patrøa, Francisco Munoz and Håkon Hoffart

"Glow" of 1001W

“Refract / Recurse” by Tijs Ham and Birk Nygaard

"Music for Plutocracy" by Anne Katrine Senstad. Exhibition on S12.


"Lux Animalia part 2" by Kunstpilotene

“Lantern party”  scar. of Litteraturhuset's "Little Saturday" and Northing


"METRIC UNIT" by Pekka Stokke
Locations: Rosenkrantztårnet, Allé fortress area, By King Haakon VII statue, Lawn, Bontelabo, Koengen, Fløyen


Relational aesthetics in art is about constructing a social experience, where the meeting between spectator / participant / random passer-by and the artwork is the point. The installation "Metric unit" will draw a new context, a new line, an aesthetic space in city size that "the viewer can enter, in parallel with the physical city. The framework - in different sizes in different places - also reflects the new framework for social interaction in a pandemic. The eye, the distance, the private zone."

Pekka Stokke

Pekka Stokke is an experienced stage artist, lighting designer, and video and installation artist. Over the past decade, he has built up a rich portfolio of public installations from his base in Trondheim and works both regionally and nationally. During Bergen Lights 20, Pekka contributed content to the water wall on Vågen, projected on a water wall from the fireboat Sjøbrand.

In 2020, Bergen Lights has worked with Pekka Stokke to develop a project that could use a large area of the city and characterize the festival's visual expression. We also wanted a project that could illustrate the "intermediate state" that we are in right now; the framework to which we must relate. Several formats for this year's event were considered and in the end we landed on holding everything in the Bergenhus fortress area and the project was adapted to this viewing arena. The festival has collaborated with Stokke on the development of the framework that is now located in places that the festival wants to work with also in the future. The frames on Bontelabo and on Fløyen are placed to illustrate distances and the festival's desire to extend into the cityscape. The size of each frame is also announced, so that the audience can reflect on sizes in rooms.


Locations: Håkonshallen

Bergen Lights wants to establish a project where video art is presented on facades in the urban space during the festival in the years to come. The project will be an exploration of video projection with a focus on aspects where the light is in the driver's seat. During Bergen Lights 2021, we have invited three local artists to make their own cut of between 3 and 5 minutes that will go in a loop every night during the event period.


Multimedia artist Ana Jorge Patrøa, originally from Portugal, has from her residence in Bergen for a number of years been involved in musical collaborative projects. With the help of an overhead and other creative moves, she has brought new stage expressions to the city's scenes and festivals.

For this year's festival, Ana has been asked to create a digital representation of her analogue distinctive expression. Using an overhead and creative techniques, she creates abstract shapes, which she sounds with her own voice.


Francisco Munos

The renowned photographer, filmmaker and "alchemist" Francisco Munoz contributed in 2020 to the development of the festival's profile and to water projection on Vågen Bergen Lights has invited Francisco to further develop this work to participate in this year's projection at the back of Håkonshallen. The video was recorded in Francisco's studios at Dokken. Participating is the dancer Sara V. Esaian and the music is by Ralph Myers.


Håkon Hoffart


Håkon Francisco Hoffart is a visual artist, director and author from Oslo. Hoffart has for many years been an active producer of digital art, in particular memes, estimated to have been seen by half a billion people. His art activities on the internet from 1995-2017 were documented over 50 pages in the "technological issue" of Tidsskriftet Fanfare, and this autumn he took over

CODE 2 during Oktoberdans with a video installation and several performances that revolved around transhumanism and technology. For this year's program, Håkon has been asked to make "video that is suitable for a light festival".


"GLOW" 1001W

Location: the lawn behind the commander's residence

Light festivals are already a big trend worldwide, and around Norway these days a larger and larger network of events is being established that uses light as a medium in the dark season. Oslo, has its and Bergen has its. But you do not have to go further than to our neighboring municipality to find a beautiful light festival. In the darkness at the back of Liatårnet, more specifically Fjell Fortress, has a group of idealists and artists since 2016. Bergen Lights wants to be the light festival the other light festivals feel welcome to, and this year invites the artists behind one of the works from last year's festival to come to Bergen.


"In these times - it is natural,

to pay tribute to the phenomenon of "glow".

Community and unity - the global glow.

Passion and drive - the inner glow.

Without "glow" no future.

With light we dribble around the span from the cosmos to the molecule of inheritance "

Geir Olav Sebjørnsen and Petter Bergerud

Bilde Petter.png

Petter Bergerud, Professor at the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen, and Geir Olav Sebjørnsen, Exhibition Architect at Museum Vest, are both members of the light group 1001 Watt which runs Fjell Festning Light Festival.

Bergen Lights 2021 is supported by:


In collaboration with:


Thanks to:

S12, Bergen Kjøtt, Fløyen, GC Rieber Eiendom, Bergen Live, Bergen Sentrum AS, Bergen Næringsråd,  Flex Advertising, Martin Harman,

Torbjørn Torsvik, Lars Ove Toft, Ivar Chelsom Vogt, Asle Brodin, Randiane and Jonas


Right now we need light - and everywhere it is decorated with luminous hearts that indicate that life goes on and that "everything will be fine again".
Bergen Lights also emphasizes this - that we are in a state of emergency and that everything will be fine again in the end, therefore we invite you to a little corona-backed light experience at Bergenhus Fortress on Friday 22 - Sunday 24 January, if the infection situation allows it.
  Right now, outdoor events are allowed if the 1-meter rule is complied with, and we will abide by this until further notice.

The project "Metric Unity" by Pekka Stokke says something about the framework we must relate to, both in daily life and to be able to gather around shared experiences. With red frames, we emphasize that we are in a difficult time, but a time that still is characterized by hope.

The framework for Bergen Lights 21 is Bergenhus Fortress, a central gathering place in the center of Bergen. Here we will present  lighting and activities by local and national actors.


Bergen International Light Festival will be an annual winter event. Arranging an outdoor light festival in Bergen at the end of January will always be challenging, but it will always be when we need it most.


We have received support from Bergen municipality, Sparebanken Vest and BKK, and collaborate with Forsvarsbygg and Litteraturhuset's "Little Saturday".
Thanks to the artists and  actors that make Bergen Lights 21 possible:
S12 Gallery and workshop, Kunstpilotene, Pekka Stokke, Ana Patrøa Jorge, Francisco Munoz, Tijs Ham
And thanks to Fløybanen AS, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen Live for allowing Bergen Lights to be carried out this year as well.  


Well met!

The year 2020 began magnificently and promisingly with the opening of the city's 950th anniversary and the first implementation of Bergen Lights. Then it stopped. The city, and the world, were quarantined  and  cultural events became difficult to conduct. We switched to working and meeting digitally, and very many people and companies were harmed.  In addition, we have experienced other disasters that affect us at the beginning of the new year.


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