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Program 2020

Explore light art in Bergen's urban space - 
welcome to four days of lighting experiences at USF Verftet.

In 2022, we will move closer to the water and towards the end of the dark season in March, and invite you to a social and magical outdoor light journey along the quay at the Yard with unique and intimate light installations.

We have walked from Bergenhus Fortress where we were during Bergen Lights 2021, to USF Georgernes Verft, an area the festival explores for the first time. This area is in rapid development, and a large-scale expansion of the cultural arena USF is underway.

The festival is free - but requires pre-registration on the ticketco link here. 
And do you want to volunteer? Sign up here!

Welcome to Bergen Lights 2022 - the program will be released soon!


The festival is free, and you pre-register on the date and time of entry on ticketco, below. 


Become a volunteer at Bergen Lights 2022!

The festival is looking for more volunteers to help with admission and security around the works of art, as well as to assist the audience when needed.  

We want to carry out a safe and good event, and therefore we need the help of volunteers!

Fill out the form below to sign up as a volunteer for Bergen Lights, as a volunteer you get access to the festival, a hot meal and a drink while you are at work - as well as a volunteer party afterwards. 

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